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Love and Passion connects humans

Trendex is an innovative investment platform that allows fans and investors all over the world to own unique and limited shares of Celebrities. Buy and Sell Your Favorite VIPs On The World's First Celebrities Stock Market.

A true revolution in the way of connecting fans and celebrities, letting fans and investors grow their portfolio value as their favorite celebrities and the platform get more popular.

In addition to that, owning shares of your celebrities can give you access to unique advantages, as receiving exclusive content or fan clubs, or event meeting your favorite celebrities in person. Each and every celebrity listed on Trendex does it on his own choice, and can give advantages as he wishes.

Meet the

Trendex Team


Andrea Bonapersona

Software Engineer

Creator of the first Ethereum mining GUI, Andrea worked for top EU companies such as Groupama Insurances, the French National Research Center (CNRS) and Lagardère group, Andrea has a strong experience of getting great software built.


Jean-Joseph Mariani

Financial director

Coming from a law and financial background, Jean-Joseph has a strong experience acquired at Deloitte and enchanced by years of practicing as an accountant for famous TV and radio stars in Europe.


Nicolas Alfonsi

Global Strategy

Former CTO and partner at Jellysmack, a creator economy and video entertainment Unicorn. He advises entrepreneurs and gives International Business Management courses at the University.


Francescu Santoni

Investor & advisor

Francescu is a brilliant entrepreneur who co-founded GoodBarber (world's #1 app builder), sold a company named Stupeflix to GoPro. He co-founded Mojo, the World's #1 mobile video editing app.


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